BC Ferry Service in Greater Vancouver

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BC Ferries provides ferry services between the lower mainland of British Columbia and the coastal islands.  Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  The ferry terminal for Victoria is located at Tsawwassen, directly south of Vancouver.

Ferries run hourly during the summer months and every second hour during the remainder of the year.

The other major destination on Vancouver Island is Nanaimo.  Ferries run from Tsawwassen and from Horseshoe Bay to the Nanaimo area. There are many smaller ferry boats that run from Tsawwassen to the Gulf Island and from Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast.

BC Ferries from Vancouver
BC Ferry Service from Greater Vancouver

Bus service to Victoria via the ferry system is available from the Vancouver bus depot.  Luggage can be booked all the way to Victoria.

For current information about British Columbia's ferry service, please visit the BC Ferries website.

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