Excursions to Washington State

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The State of Washington is located just 45 minutes south of Vancouver BC.  There are a number of interesting attractions situated just south of the Canada-USA international border.

Mount Baker, for example, is the 10,000 foot volcano that is visible from many locations in downtown Vancouver.  It is a great place to ski, snowboard and hike.

The community of La Conner is about 90 minutes south of Vancouver.  It is situated in the tulip growing district of the state and is a magnificent place to visit in the springtime.

Mount Baker, near Vancouver BC
Mount Baker - 10,000 feet

The islands of Washington State, including San Juan Island and Whidbey Island are wonderful places to visit in the summer month.

The city of Seattle is about three hours away from Vancouver and has many interesting attractions.  A train service connects Vancouver to Seattle.  For more information please visit the following sites:

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  2. Seattle Travel Guide

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