Alaska Cruise

Vancouver BC Tourist Information and City Guide

The most popular destination for cruises departing from Vancouver BC is Alaska.  Cruise passengers can enjoy spectacular views of massive glaciers and explore picturesque coastal towns.

Many cruise ships sail up the "Inland Passage", a network of waterways that weave through islands along the west coast of British Columbia and Alaska.

Because the Inland Passage is protected from the open ocean, the waters are normally calm.  The mountain scenery is spectacular!

Cruises from Vancouver Canada
Cruise Ship at the Port of Vancouver

Popular ports of call on the Vancouver-Alaska route include the following:

  1. Ketchikan (port)
  2. Juneau (terminal)
  3. Sitka
  4. Skagway (port)
  5. Anchorage (terminal)
  6. Seward (terminal)
  7. Whittier (terminal)
  8. Fairbanks (inland, airport)
Mountain Glacier - Alaska Cruise
Scenery on route to Alaska

Passengers can choose between one-way cruises (northbound or southbound) and return cruises.

One-way trips normally range in length from 7 to 10 days. They begin/end in Vancouver, Seward, Fairbanks, Whittier or Anchorage.

Returns trips are 7 to 14 days in duration.

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