Granville Island

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Granville Island is located in the heart of Vancouver.  It was transformed from a declining 37-acre industrial park in Vancouver's False Creek into a popular tourist destination.

The island was reborn in the form of a public market, art school, shops, restaurants, theatres, galleries and hotel.

Granville Island, Vancouver Canada
Bridges Restaurant, Granville Island

The Granville Island Public Market offers an emporium of green grocers, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, importers, ethnic food sellers, craft vendors, sweet stands, florists and casual eateries.

The market also features a wine shop and a micro-roaster of organic coffee.

Granville Island's ambiance is unique.  Its gritty, industrial past has been transformed into a friendly, artistic, and energetic environment.

Granville Island, Vancouver BC Canada
Boardwalk on Granville Island

Enjoy some great food and theatre or have a glimpse of Vancouver's magnificent maritime and industrial history on the island.

One can access Granville Island via the False Creek ferries from the downtown area or alternatively enjoy a walk to the island along Vancouver's famous False Creek seawalk.

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